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Path of Kaos


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Keeping up with the Kaos
     Michael Kaos can currently be seen live causing a comotion in the reinvigorated Midwest area, including Impact Pro Wrestling Midwest, an upcoming appearance for NWA-KS, and more. (Watch the Appearances Page)
     Koas has established him self as a top player on the scene in IPWM, finding himself in the middle of at least two brutal feuds in the promotion where he holds the IPWM Mid-America championship.  The biggest thorn in his side appears to be manager Dr. Spookshow who has recruited many an athlete to get a victory over Kaos, but always coming up just a bit short.  The faction known as SIN (Strength In Numbers) has also been waiting in the shadows, since the group that Kaos founded to take over IPWM turned on their former leader.
     The IPWM Mid-America championship that Kaos once held, also serves as a target for his agressions as he was stripped of the title by the IPWM Championship Committee.  Once the majority shareholder (and Chairman of the Championship Committee), Kaos also sold his interest in the company to his closest confidant, "Chatterbox" Chad Phillips. 
     Since that time, Michael Kaos has chosen to end his association with Impact Pro Wrestling Midwest;  Kaos continues to hold his own against the odds stacking up against him, and in fact, has gathered a huge amount of support from the fans of IPWM.  Will that fan support affect his current situation with that promotion?  Does the always unpredictable Michael Kaos have a plan set in motion that will eventually come to light? 
     Be sure to watch the Appearances page for places to find answers to these questions and more.